World Changers Summit 2022

Official Statement

If you are anything like us, then you are looking forward to the endless possibilities of 2022!  The last couple of years have been both trying and challenging, but we are full of expectation and zeal over our future.   Though much of our world has shifted, there are a few norms that we’ve hoped to resume. Yet, one of the major strengths and points of wisdom we’ve learned is to recognize the responsiblity to pivot. 

Our team has dedicated time and energy to the hope of re-introducing World Changers Summit this year.  However, after much prayer and consideration we’ve decided to pivot that intentional momentum into our incredible ANWA campuses and Affiliates to finish the year strong.  What greater way to unlock thousands of World Changers in our local cities than to provide ministry to those who lead them? Thank you for registering and preparing to be with us this year.  There will be a full refund for all conference registrants within the next 14 business days.

The ANWA Pastors, leaders, partners and Affiliates deserve our very best presentation, offering  and ministry excellence.  Please stay tuned for more information and updates.  With that being said, the All Nations Collective is proud to launch our “Genesis” season.    In the words of our Global Senior Pastor, “We have work to do”!

If you have any questions please email .
Thank you for understanding.